All Ready to Go for the New Year

I have been having trouble finding my logbooks here in Alberta. I spent a day running all over Calgary… office supply places (Staples seems to be the only one here), and art supply stores (sell nice little sketchbooks for 9.99ea. ~ yikes!!

So…. I finally ordered 30 from Holsts Office Supply in Hanover, Ontario and sent my Dad (lives 20 minutes away in Mount Forest) up to get them. Then…. they (my parents) passed them off to my brother (and finance) who are truck drivers. They met me in Calgary (at their truck yard) the week before Christmas and delivered them to me. So… here they are ~ and now I am all set to go!

I have also purchased 6 more L&L boxes…. now to get out the black duct tape and finish it all off.

I currently have one carved (I`m just putting the finishing touches on the box) and one more on the go to finish by Sunday afternoon. Then I need to work on the hollow book for the library “Publishers”  box.  I don’t know whether planting a library box (with their knowledge and permission) will net me a workshop or not.  If not, I can always host one at the ScoutShop again.


Next up will be some additional winter boxes ~ likely the Green Meadows & Green Forest ones for the APAL day on Feb. 2.


Then… it will soon be time to think about carving for a spring event.  I’d like to have lots of boxes ready to plant at Jumpingpound for a May 26, 2012 event.  I’ve already asked for a bunch from Ontario.  I think I’ll put out the word southward also, see if there are any carvers out there who want to send a stamp my way.


On a side note… it was fun over the holidays to welcome a very enthusiastic new LBer to the forum.  She is from Fort St. John, BC, which is just across the border from Edmonton, AB.   (about a 5 hour drive I think).   She accidentally found one of Bumble’s HHH’s in Burlington, ON while visiting her mom.  And that set the ball rolling.  She already has a stamp carved and has done a bit of boxing in Burlington.  I hope she will help populate the north of the province if I work on the south.

On Monday, Jan 2, I am planning a trip to the south of Calgary to get 5 LB’s that are there.  I also plan to plant 2 more of my GM&GF stamps while there.  (Alex want’s to stop at EB Games to pick up a new game, so he has agreed to come with me ~ ha, ha!!)

Anyways… creative juices are flowing and fingers are carving and all is well in the world of LBing!!  ON TO THE NEW YEAR!!!