Montana dreamin’

California’s a bit far to drive… for now anyways.  It was 10 months ago that I first got the idea of a trip to Montana… a letterboxing trip.  Didn’t happen last spring.  I’m… Continue reading

Healing…. and looking Ahead

My ribs are healing nicely…. the only time I notice these days is if I try to sit up in bed whilst lying on my back.  That seems to pull the muscles that… Continue reading

Mis Imperceptions

I know that is not proper English, but it is the way I’m feeling this morning. Several days ago, the GAQLBE (Great Atlas Quest Letterbox Exchange) tracker for 2014 was posted on the… Continue reading

Some Letterboxing Pics

Usually I am not IN the pictures of letterboxing. That’s because I’m usually the one behind the camera. However, on my latest visit to Ontario, my mom came with me on my letterboxing… Continue reading

Update from Ontario

It has been SO LONG since I’ve done any letterboxing.  I was recently in Ontario for a few days and managed to pick up a few new LBs as well as doing maintenance… Continue reading

Update for a New Year

Truth be told, I haven’t been doing a lot of boxing lately.  What with a very stressful job (I now have a new one that is much less stressful) and a distinct lack… Continue reading

A Letterboxing Vacation to SW Alberta

For PAL Day (May 24), Thursday and Friday, we went on a short vacation trip to SW Alberta and did some letterboxing.  Our first search was a bust.  We couldn’t even find the… Continue reading

The Green Meadows and the Green Forest ~ And Now there are 10

On Saturday, I went to Calgary to Beaverdam Flats to plant the two latest of the Green Meadows & The Green Forest Series…..  Paddy the Beaver and Tommy Tit the Chickadee.  It was… Continue reading

Event Postponed and 3 New Boxes

Well, two anyways.  One is the Publishers in the Library stamps from the Crowfoot branch that have already been moved and several lost (now recarved).   And no-one ever was able to find my… Continue reading

Carving Stamps and Covering Boxes

I have been busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for my event. I finally broke out the slab of orange PZCuts that 4sailors gave me and got right to work with… Continue reading