Mini-Meet a Success

Just home from the first Calgary Mini-Meet and Carve Event. It was great to meet some new letterboxers, get reacquainted with the 4Sailors and have a chance to do exchanges and practice some transfer and carving techniques. We shared some good food and lots of ideas and inspiration. I didn’t take any pictures but others did, so as soon as they post to AQ I will be able to add a few pics here.  (I spent most of the time either talking/sharing or stamping my images ~ sig stamp and personal traveller) into folks books.  But I still enjoyed myself immensely.  Thanks to BiblioTech for the photo!!

The one big hiccup of the day occurred because I decided to be “smart” and take stuff to the office ahead of time.  (The event was in the same building that I work in).   So I got home on Thursday night (it’s over an hour drive to the office) and discovered that my carving material was at the office.  So…. no EVENT stamp completed.  However, this is not a complete loss.  I told people to keep a space in their books.  I will carve over the next week and then leave it at the shop counter for them to stop in and stamp into!!  Fortunately, everyone lives fairly close and will be able to stop by for it once it’s finished.

And…. I was given a large slab of the coveted ORANGE PZ Cut by the 4Sailors!!!  Who… hooo…..   I can’t wait to carve it.  I am too tired tonight, but you can bet I will be churning out as many stamps as I can fit on it.

Last week I drove all over Calgary trying to find the  Hilroy Pocket Sketch Books that I use for logbooks…. no go!!! I couldn’t find them anywhere.   So I’m going to order a huge bunch from the Office Store in Hanover (where I buy them) .  Mom will pick them up for me (they live 20 minutes away in Mount Forest) and my brother and his fiancee (they drive truck and come to Calgary often) will hopefully bring them to me some time.

So, now I just need a few more lock ‘n locks…. they do have those here….. and I’ll soon be ready to go with a pack more new carves/letterboxes.  It will be a good project for the winter…. along with learning to fiddle.

Oh…. and this week my boss told me he’s sending me to Regina for a training session.  So I will have a chance to plant at least three more of the TransCanada letterboxes that just didn’t make it into the wild on our last trip through.

Yup…. this is more than a hobby…. it an obsession!!  Lovin’ it!!