APAL Day is Rapidly Approaching

APAL (pronounced Apple) ~ which stands for Alberta Plant a Letterbox day ~ is rapidly approaching and I have been a busy beaver!!  During the time of our move (May/June 11) I carved a large number of very small Publisher logos which I have now planted in libraries in Calgary.  There are a total of 22 unique stamps hidden within 3 series of clues at 3 different branches.    I have discovered several things about libraries in Alberta.  1. For the most part they are very boring… being confined to one large open room with fairly high ceilings.   Many libraries in Ontario have much more “character”.    2. Library plants are “scary” because you have to be so stealthy.  I hid one set with a friend and it was even more challenging to be “invisible” with two of us skulking around.  3.  One of the series includes a hollow book, shelved without permission.  I put a label on it and shelved it in the right location. We’ll see how long it lasts.  4.  It is well nigh impossible to get an appointment to actually speak with the right person.  The “lower downs” don’t want to give permission for anything and the “highter ups are way too busy ~ too big of an organization ~ to have time.  Try explaining letterboxing and planting a hollow book over the phone ~ YIKES!!!  (Hence, my reason for just doing it without permission!!)

I also managed to plant two more of the Green Meadows and Green Forest series in Calgary parks.  It is much easier to plant these in winter ~ less people around ~ but I’d imagine both of these places to be pretty busy come the nicer weather.

All in all, that adds up to 24 new letterboxes ready to go for APAL day.   Happy Boxing Calgary!!

And, in amongst all of that planting, I managed to find another of the planted Calgary boxes ~ this one a First Find!!  (Not very many of those in my logbook!!