Montana dreamin’

California’s a bit far to drive… for now anyways.  It was 10 months ago that I first got the idea of a trip to Montana… a letterboxing trip.  Didn’t happen last spring.  I’m hoping I can make it happen this spring.   So I spent 3 days over the Christmas holiday going back through clues, eliminating those that have “gone missing” this past summer and looking at all the new ones that were added.  And mapping and thinking and planning.  A road trip through Montana….. 5 days, 100 boxes….. we shall see.


I will start down through (around actually) Glacier National Park.


And then down through the Flathead Valley to Missoula……


And then south through the Bitterroot Valley, down as far as Hamilton …..


and across the Skalkaho Pass and then back north through Helena to Great Falls.  Many are drive-bys, but there are a significant number of shortish hikes.  I eliminated all of the really long hikes and those that took me far out of the way.  But there’s enough walking to keep me from seizing up completely.

I think I will do it by myself…. box from dawn ’til dusk, camp overnight each night, food on the road or cooked over the camp stove!!!  I figure I can easily get 20 boxes a day…. 100 new boxes.  I would love to push my find count up over 300…. even 350 if that’s possible?  (Some of the “boxes” I’ve identified are actually multiple boxes.)

I am pumped.  I hope I can make it happen.  I have carved out the time in my calendar already.  Late May, early June.  We will see…….




And from the looks of it, I’d better not forget my camera!!!