Healing…. and looking Ahead

My ribs are healing nicely…. the only time I notice these days is if I try to sit up in bed whilst lying on my back.  That seems to pull the muscles that were bruised.  Other than that, I rarely even notice that they hurt.   So thankful that it wasn’t a more serious injury.  And I will be a bit more careful in the future.

Speaking of the future…..  what does 2014 hold for letterboxing (for me)?   I will keep working on my Wetlands, Waterfowl and Shorebirds series.   I think I will try to get a few of them ahead and keep them with me in the truck so that if I happen to drive by a suitable wetland, I will be able to stop and plant.

I currently have 6 boxes that need to be hidden…..  1 near the Celtic Festival grounds in Canmore; 1 near the Banff Centre for the Performing Arts (there’s a few out there to find when we pay the $25 to go for the day also);  1 of Albert the Albertosaurus (mascot from CJ ’13)…. still trying to figure out where to plant that one!!;  and 3 waterfowl stamps ready to go…. somewhere near a wetlands.



I would really LOVE…. to do a trip to Montana.  It feels a bit funny to think about going to the States on my own for 3 or 4 days…. especially tenting by myself.  Maybe I just put the cap on the truck and sleep in there?  I have not been able to find anyone who wanted to go with me (so far).   When I suggested it to a friend she said…. “great, I love to SHOP in the States!”  What?  Shop?  Are you kidding?  I would have 100 Letterboxes on my list to find!!  Ah… we’ll just wait and see!

Other than that, I’m planning to carve a bunch of stamps and sell at a couple of craft fairs this spring (along with some chicks, eggs, water lilies, and home-made jam).    So I think for now, that is where I will focus my carving/creative energies.