An Afternoon in Kitchener

On Thursday, I had a meeting in Kitchener in the late afternoon, so I went early with the idea of scooping up a few letterboxes.   I started off with Wunderbar, which begins at… Continue reading

Our First Plant of the Season

Today was a beautiful spring day.  We went on a fairly substantial hike along the escarpment edge at White Bluff north of Lion’s Head to hide our FIRST LETTERBOX of the season.  Yahoo!!!… Continue reading

Here it Comes ….

A sunny warm week coming up.  THE SNOW IS ALMOST GONE!!!!  I may just try to get out and get one of my new boxes planted in the next couple of days.  Woo… Continue reading

Winter Storm ~ Letterboxing Itch

Today we are having yet another winter storm.  Oh, when will it ever go away???  Up to 15 cm (that’s a good 6 inches for you south of the border) and blowing around ~… Continue reading

First Boxing of the Season

This week I went to a conference in PA, and I managed to get in a bit of boxing on the way down.   I went a day ahead to visit my Aunt &… Continue reading

My Letterboxing Log ~ February 12 Update

Well, today I finished up 4 new stamps and clues (except for the “to find the box……..” part), all part of the Niagara Escarpment Series that I started last summer.   All that’s left… Continue reading

My Letterboxing Log – February 2008

I have just finished creating this weblog with pages for each of my planted boxes.   I hope that someday soon, people will begin to search and tell of their experiences.   Keep on boxing!!

My Letterboxing Log ~ 2007 Summary

Feb. 2007 ~ I discover letterboxing from an Unschooling website.  I draw and carve a signature stamp and purchase a log book and Marvy Markers.  A daypack and a few other items and… Continue reading