A Sunny Morning at the Slough of Despond

Yeah!!!! I stopped this morning on my way down to Camp (where I work) and planted two more boxes, Pads on the Slough and Bull Lily at the Slough of Despond.   What a lovely… Continue reading

Another Sunny Spring Plant

Another sunny day and another box planted.  This one at Bruce’s Caves just east of Wiarton.  I was surprised to meet a couple of people on the trail ~ on a May weekday… Continue reading

Hockley Valley Hustle and Update

This weekend we were in Hockley Valley and I stopped by the Hitchhiker Chalet to see what I could find.   I did take images and stamp into all three books, but I didn’t remove… Continue reading

Acme Mapper and Geocaches

I have been following a couple of message boards on Atlasquest and recently was reminded that I need to make sure that I’m not planting on top of geocaches ~ because it may… Continue reading

My Reluctant Family

I’m having a bit of trouble convincing my family to accompany me on these outings.  Twice this weekend (Sunday afternoon and again on Monday afternoon) I suggested we go planting and both times… Continue reading

MayDay Plant

So… the sun was shining this morning ~ even though it was a bit coldish with a brisk wind.   I decided to stop at Spirit Rock Conservation Area on the way down to… Continue reading

Four More Ready to Go

As of tonight, I have four more letterboxes ready to be planted between Owen Sound and Wiarton.  However, the weather is much cooler and it’s supposed to be rainy for the next several… Continue reading

A Quick Saturday Driveby

This afternoon on my way home from Leamington (no time to do the Windsor boxes), I zipped into the London Calling box near London, Ontario and picked up a quick stamp.   I found this… Continue reading

Earth Day Expedition

Yeah!!! This afternoon (after a morning dentist appointment), we hiked the trails through three different conservations areas to plant three more letterboxes.   I have to say, this is an extremely scenic series with… Continue reading

Sunday afternoon puttering

Well…. today I was hoping to spend the afternoon letterboxing.  However, my family was NOT IN THE MOOD!!!  So instead, after a quick nap (I remember my Mom doing this and wondering “what… Continue reading