Spring Boxing Trip and more carving

I am geared up for another season of boxing.   It has become a tradition each March to make a trip to PA for the Mennonite Camping Association Conference.   Each year I have boxed… Continue reading

First Plant of 2009

Well, it took a bit of thinking and searching (I wasn’t initially planning to try and plant letterboxes in winter), but I found a location for my first Quilt Stamp ~ Mennonites of… Continue reading

First Find of 2009 ~ Blair Sheaves Tower

Today I made a trip to the KW area and decided to take in a letterbox (so I could send my Nativity: Shepherd HH on it’s way).   I chose Blair Sheaves because it… Continue reading

Planning a Spring Trip

Each year I attend a Camping Conference, usually in the States and usually in PA.   This will be my third year (next year it is in Ontario, so no travelling!!)  It happens the… Continue reading

Boxing Day Boxing

Today I spent a bunch of time making up a logbook for the Shepherd HH.   The whole thing is almost ready to go.  It will be sent on it’s way (to Oregon ~hopefully)… Continue reading

My First Hitchhiker, and a couple of personal Travellers

Tonight I finished carving my first hitchhiker ~ Nativity: Shepherd.   I must say, I was quite pleased with the carve when it was all done.  It is to be released on or around… Continue reading


Hah!!! Just because I wrote in my previous post that I had a few weeks yet, winter has arrived with a vengance.  (Well… who knows if it will stay, but….)  This past week… Continue reading

PreWinter Update

Well… prewinter has set in and I’ve been spending a lot of time outside trying to finish up my yardwork.  Today, I spent the day with my parents cutting and splitting firewood for… Continue reading

Lion’s Head Revisited

I haven’t been doing much “maintenance” on my boxes because most are still listed as being “NEVER” found.  But… in light of having ruined my old logbook, I wanted to retrieve each of… Continue reading

Logbook Blues

OK, have any of you ever had this happen? Two days before the BoxON! event I pulled out my letterboxing kit to make sure I had everything ready to go. To my absolute… Continue reading