Settling Down and New Clue Site

Things have finally settled down a bit. We are getting settled in a new home (not too many boxes left to unpack) and the new job is getting more familiar. So…. last weekend… Continue reading

Alberta Bound!!

Anyone else have that Stompin’ Tom song running through their heads???   As my last post stated the news is official.  By May 6 or 7th, I will be on the road to Alberta.… Continue reading

Last Big Ontario Letterboxing Trip ~ for a while anyways…

So… the news is now official. I am moving to Calgary (area). I will be leaving within the next two weeks. I really wanted to get in one more day of letterboxing to… Continue reading

Just Can’t Stop Thinkin’

So even though we are likely moving and I don’t want to leave lots of LB’s behind for someone else to “mind”, I just can’t stop thinking, planning and carving. I was thinking… Continue reading

Another Day Trip in Ontario

On March 25 ~ a crisp but sunny day, I managed to make a LONG day trip from Lion’s Head across to Penetang as far as Severn Bridge, down to Barrie (more pink… Continue reading

Fall/Winter Update and Looking Ahead

Today is 4 years (to the day) since I found my first letterbox in Pierrepont Manor, NY, USA.  In honour of the day, I am introducing my new signature stamps.  They are the… Continue reading

Wintergreen Transfer Woodcut Carving

Yesterday, I spent the day working on my first ever “woodcut” carving.  I began by putting a small spot of wintergreen oil (picked up at the health food store) on a cotton pad… Continue reading

A “Successful” Day

Last week on a nice sunny day, I went for a letterboxing trip.  I was on the road from 6:30am until about 11:00p.m.  ~ that’s a long day.  In between I accomplished a… Continue reading

Google Docs and Redoing my Clues

Each week I check the “box of the week” out to see what it was that made it special.  I look at the clue and at the finds and at the comments.  A… Continue reading

A Letterboxing Trip Across the Country

Well, not exactly the whole way.  I had a last minute opportunity to accompany my friend Journey Girl from Southern Ontario to North Battleford, SK to move her to a new province, a… Continue reading