About Letterboxing

Welcome to Water Lily’s Letterboxing Weblog.  

 What is letterboxing?   Letterboxing is an outdoor (mostly) past-time that involves following a clue to find a small package containing a logbook and a rubber stamp.   Often, stamps are hand-carved works of art.   The letterboxer carries a signature stamp (also often hand-carved), that gets stamped into the logbook of the found box and the stamp from the box get stamped into the letterboxer’s passbook (or logbook).  Thus, the box will retain a record of all “boxers” who have visited and the letterboxer’s passbook will have a record of all the boxes that the individual (or family) have found.

 There are a number of kinds of letterboxes (with more emerging as more creative people get involved in the sport).

 Traditional Letterboxes consist of a usually plastic container with a stamp, a logbook and sometimes an ink pad that is hidden in one spot and found by following the clues correctly.   Clues can be fairly straight forward, or can be cryptic or complex as stories.   Many clues are posted at www.atlasquest.com or www.letterboxing.org.   Some are WOM (word of mouth), or are listed on individuals letterboxing blogs.

Hitchhikers are placed in other boxes (they are generally very small) and are moved from one box to the next by the finder.  They also contain a stamp and a small log.

Virtuals are posted and “solved” on the internet.

There is a wealth of information about letterboxing to be found by visiting the above two websites and following the many links that are posted.  I have found the on-line boxing community to be very welcoming and helpful if you have questions.  Just check out the yahoo groups that can be found at the above.  And most of all ENJOY 😉