Mis Imperceptions

I know that is not proper English, but it is the way I’m feeling this morning.

Several days ago, the GAQLBE (Great Atlas Quest Letterbox Exchange) tracker for 2014 was posted on the AQ boards and I began to once again anticipate an exchange with someone from the States.  However, the “rules” were once again posted, and I realized (again) that I had no desire to follow the rules “exactly as written”.   So I decided to first email mud (mudflingingfools) to see what she thought about my perception and “way of playing the game”.   Mud expressed some reluctance and suggested I post it on the boards.  So I did….. and frankly the response has surprised me.

What I expected, was a “please keep your name on the list.  We’d love to exchange from Canada to the States”.   What I got instead was a “if you’re not going to follow the rules (to the letter) than don’t play the game” reply.  Wow.  That has kinda’ floored me (and disappointed me also).  To top it all off, there were 7 anonymous “agree-ers” to the one person who was brave (and honest) enough to respond to my post.

So I’ve been reflecting on this for the past several days.  I’m not really interested in going on the Stamp Exchange board and trying to find someone who has posted a topic that might catch my interest.  That has happened once in the last 6 years.  I’m also not really interested in posting on the Stamp Exchange board with a topic, asking for someone else to carve me a stamp.  If I have a topic/site of interest, I will find my own image and carve my own stamp.

What I really wanted, was to be randomly paired with someone who enjoys carving, to search who they are and/or a site of interest somewhere near them that doesn’t already have a gazillion letterboxes planted around it and do a specific carve for them, for their area/site.   And, I wanted to receive a stamp that I can find a specific, special place to hide, at an appropriate time.  I guess I don’t understand the urgency of planting them when there’s no-one out here searching.  I do plan to hide them.  And I have been able to find good/appropriate spots for the two I’ve received over the past 2 exchanges.  I just haven’t put them out there, because it doesn’t seem much point to me until someone here in the province actually starts searching for the ones that are here.  I would really hate for them to go missing due to muggles before any letterboxers even had the chance of finding them.

Anyways…. that is my RANT for today.   I’m not expecting any responses to this….. it is simply a place to empty my angst and disappointment so that I can move on with my life.  It’s not as if I don’t have other projects to do… even other carving and letterboxing projects.