Update from Ontario

It has been SO LONG since I’ve done any letterboxing.  I was recently in Ontario for a few days and managed to pick up a few new LBs as well as doing maintenance on a bunch of my Niagara Escarpment and Quilt Block boxes.  The 4 Festival of Northern Lights boxes are back in action.  Also, I replaced the missing Drum box at Indian Falls.  The falls was really pounding and my Mom joined me on this short hike up the escarpment and back to the falls.  Regretfully, I didn’t read the clues well enough and I didn’t realize that there’s another box at the top of the falls (until we were sitting back in the car).  I decided not to make the hike back up to pick up RickonTheRanges’ Indian Anniversary… another time!!  [NOTE TO SELF: Read clues well before venturing out!!!]

We also stopped at Inglis Falls to check on my 2 boxes there (and search for a couple of others).  Of my two, one in good shape and rehidden better than I had at first.  The second was missing.  So, another carve and another mail off to Rubber Rabbit for replacing.  We found one of Vivian the Vikings leavings The Art of Kissing: Kissing for Mouth Shapes and were unable to locate Rubber Rabbits’ The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2011: It’s Easter.

We spent some time in Owen Sound, picking up 3 more of Rubber Rabbits’ boxes that have been planted since I left Ontario (hard to believe it’s over 2 1/2 years since I was in those spots).  We found A Century of Judaism in Owen Sound, Salvation Corners and Eat and Run.

I really enjoyed picking up some of Lone R’s Cemetery Boxes.  We’ve been by these cemeteries countless times and never had a reason to stop (or even almost to notice that they are there).  Found Lourdes Grotto, Methodist United Church and the Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery boxes, all right around Kenilworth.

And then Fiddleheads’ What Were they Thinking box at Mount Forest.  My parents have lived in Mt. Forest for about 20 years, although it was never my “home”.  The first time we went, my parents were driving.  When we pulled in to the parking lot, there were 2 police cars sitting there, conferring.  Mom and I got out for the short walk, but the box was in PLAIN SIGHT (or at least the bush the boxes were in that I had to stick my head into) of those 2 police cars.  We decided later that they were waiting for their shift to end so they could  head back to the station.  This is the picture I took as a distraction.  These were the only pics I took all week on my Letterboxing explorations.


So we decided to leave the box…. (I still had 2 more days in Ontario).   So, we stopped in again on Friday afternoon, on our way back to the airport (flew out of Kitchener).   It had been raining all night and was still drizzling…. nice to stick your head into a cedar tree!!!  Anyways, while replacing the box (yes, it is stamped in my book, from the comfort of the van), I tripped over a beaver stick (a shrub whose trunks had been chewed off by a beaver), slipped and fell right onto another beaver stick…. right into the ribs just below my heart!  Such pain!!!  I didn’t faint, but it was close.  My first “injury while boxing”… have to see about that badge.  And I still had 3 more boxes to replant.

I managed to tough it out through/around Kitchener.  We replaced #8 Mosaic Quilt Block near Yatton, Conestogo Lake;  #11 Diamond Check Quilt Block at the Evangelical Missionary Church on Ottawa Street South and then down to the Pioneer Tower to replant #3 Lady of the Lake Quilt Block.   Then a quick supper at Boston Pizza and off to the airport.

By the time I hit the seat on the plane I was really starting to stiffen up.  And I couldn’t cough or sneeze because I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs to do either. Thankfully, I had my Advil XStrength with me.  It turns out that it is only bruising.  I could tell by the next morning that I hadn’t broken any ribs because I could breathe easier.

Gradually over the past week and a half things have started to heal.  I still have a “tight band” across my left side, but am now able to sleep through the night without Advil.  Oiy!!

Anyways…. I wish I could have stayed longer, and explored Grey and Bruce more.  There are so many more new letterboxes to find there!  Oh well, another trip… they’ll have to wait.