Update for a New Year

Truth be told, I haven’t been doing a lot of boxing lately.  What with a very stressful job (I now have a new one that is much less stressful) and a distinct lack of finders (and of boxes to find anywhere within driving distance), there has just not been much motivation.  So an entire year has passed with not much action!  I was hoping/planning to do an event last spring, but even that peetered out into NOTHING!

Hopefully, that will change soon.

Over the Christmas holidays, I finished a carve for the GAQLBE’12, which I then sent off to BoxerLover47 for planting.  One down!!

A couple of months ago, someone asked for fairy stamps for an event this June.  So I have almost finished a series of 14 Fairy HH‘s to send to them.  (You can see the 13 completed carves here on my table. I doubt if anyone reading this blog will ever find one of these so I feel that it’s not too much of a spoiler.)  The last one will get completed tonight.  I need to make up some log books also (my least favorite “to make” part of LBing) ~ one for each one, and then get them ready to send off to CT (nope… that would be OH…. I just checked…. good thing I had it bookmarked) for planting in time for the event.   (I’ve also got a traditional box carve that I want to do up for the same event.)DSCF4386

As you can see, I had a couple of PZ Orange scraps left over that I used for a couple of these small carves.  And yes…. I discovered what people had liked so much about PZ Orange.  It really does hold those details much better than the pink stuff does.  So now I’m wondering if I really would like the OZ cut white better than the pink stuff.  (I am generally a knife carver).  The sentiment on the forums (AtlasQuest) seems to be mixed.  But the general thoughts I saw were that it is OK for gouge carves, but not so much for knife carvers.  Kibert doesn’t like it (he’s using the pink stuff).  That makes me think I likely won’t either.  And with the shipping charges to Canada, it just doesn’t make sense to order only a small sample of it.  Oh well, for now I think I’ll just stick with the pink stuff.   Hopefully Webfoot is still working on the formula for PZ Orange that will make it even more workable for us knife carvers.

I have been planning a new series for Alberta called Wetlands, Waterfowl and Shorebirds.  I have a route all picked out that would be a day drive north from Calgary, through farm/ranch country past a significant number of sloughs and watering holes.  And….. I have a bunch of extras carved that I can plant on my travels to and from Edmonton as I pass good hiding spots.  There are lots of wetlands in Alberta!   Here’s to WW&S.

And we’ll see what else 2013 holds.  Maybe an intro carve and learn Meet-UP.  (Like Bumble suggested for Toronto).  Still thinking on that one.   And then follow up with a Spring event to get all those newbies really hooked?

(Now… where did that “add a picture” link go? I have one to pop in here. There we go… figured it out.  They’ve made changes to WordPress since I was here last).