A Letterboxing Vacation to SW Alberta

For PAL Day (May 24), Thursday and Friday, we went on a short vacation trip to SW Alberta and did some letterboxing.  Our first search was a bust.  We couldn’t even find the Fullerton Loop in Kananaskis.  To top it all off, it was raining, so we decided just to head south.  We followed Hwy 22 (The Cowboy Trail) down along the foothills until we reached Hwy 3 (Crowsnest Pass Hwy).  We turned west for a short while and were able to plant the Frank Slide Letterbox, a Welcome to Alberta/British Columbia Letterbox (on the border ~ that’s BC behind our truck) and then turned and came eastward again to Lundbreck Falls  where we planted a third letterbox.  These three are part of my “TransCanada Letterboxes” that one can pick up as drivebys.  We then headed south to Waterton Lakes….. a beautiful place, but the clouds were hanging so low over the mountains that we could barely see.  Near the Prince of Wales hotel, I managed to find Silver Eagle’s Canada Goose LB which has been in place since 2005.  Because it was cold, overcast and rainy, we decided to head for St. Mary Reservoir to set up our campsite and have supper (rather than hiking at Waterton Lakes as we had originally planned).  By about 8:30 we “hit the hay” under our protective tarp and hunkered down for a good nights sleep.  (Around 3 in the morning someone in a truck came in and drove through the campsite.  Coco decided to start barking but soon quit and we were back to sleep again).

After a frustrating breakfast (couldn’t get the cooker going, so I finally made a small fire with twigs to make some great scrambled eggs) we headed for Warner.   I was able to pick up the Devil’s Coulee Nest Site Letterbox and then on to New Dayton where I picked up a geocache/LB hybrid called Prairie Winds: It’s All in the Story.  It had a store-bought stamp.  I was able to photograph a cool graphic from one of the stones and have volunteered to hand-carve a stamp to send to them.   We took some time to look around the graveyard, although it had not been maintained for a while.  Then it was on to Vulcan to pick up the Live Long and Prosper LB planted by Bibliotech.  From there, we drove across to Nanton to the Bomber Command Museum.  Alex was quite impressed by the planes and the dioramas.  We spent some time in the museum and I was able to plant Kirbert’s Avro Lancaster while we were there. 

From Nanton, we travelled back across to Arrowwood to find the Alberta Grains LB which has also been there for a number of years…. still in good shape.

With 5 finds and 4 plants (on PAL day) it was all-in-all a very successful trip.

On our way home we stopped at Carseland to pick up 3 silkie chicks from Grandma Art.  They are settling in well with Reep-a-Cheep.  At first he seemed quite a bit intimidated by them, but today they were snuggled together in their pen and happily pecking away at the food dish.  Their names are….. Dr. Phibs (white), Black Spot Pete (the large darker buff roo ~ I think!) and Mz. Puffit, the smaller buff one who I hope is a hen 😉   I would love to have a broodie hen for my collection… so much easier than an incubator.  Home again safe and sound and all is well with the world.