The Green Meadows and the Green Forest ~ And Now there are 10

On Saturday, I went to Calgary to Beaverdam Flats to plant the two latest of the Green Meadows & The Green Forest Series…..  Paddy the Beaver and Tommy Tit the Chickadee.  It was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon.

That brings the total up to 10….. Peter Rabbit, Mrs. Peter Rabbit, Danny Meadow Mouse, Digger the Badger, Tommy Tit the Chickadee, Jimmy Skunk, Paddy the Beaver, Seek-Seek the Ground Squirrel, Grandfather Frog I (I have another image to carve) and Farmer Brown’s Place.  I’m setting these aside for now (not that I’m finished by any means, but I’m sort of waiting for someone to start finding them).  In the meantime, I’m starting on a new Wetlands and Waterfowl Series.   I have been driving the back roads through farm country north of Calgary trying to find suitable places (near small sloughs and wetlands) to plant these boxes.   I would like to begin with a day trip up through the area.   Of course, I will likely do some other carves and have them ready when I’m driving further afield.  Anyways….. that’s what I’m thinking about and working on right now.