Event Postponed and 3 New Boxes

Well, two anyways.  One is the Publishers in the Library stamps from the Crowfoot branch that have already been moved and several lost (now recarved).   And no-one ever was able to find my hollow book.  This time the last stamp (and logbook) are bound for an outdoor hiding location…. I think I know just where already.  I will replant tomorrow.  Also, I’m making a trip down to Beaverdam Flats to hide 2 more Green Meadows and Green Forest carves.

I fussed around with wiki markups and have come up with a satisfactory look for my clues.  I have now put all of them on AtlasQuest (well, mostly.  I still have a few NES ones to move over).  That means repeating a significant amount of info over and over, but people are just going to have to get used to it.  That’s the way I work.  Now people don’t have to link through page after page to find the clue they are looking for.   One other advantage is that I can now see how many (and when) hits have been made on the clues.  Thus I know people are at least interested in searching.  Whether they’re out in this nice weather is another thing.

Also, I have moved my event from the spring to the fall due to no-one (besides myself) having signed up. I really need to host a workshop or two to get folks interested in

LBing.  There’s got to be more in the area who would participate.  I want to have enough participants to make it a fun and worthwhile time for all.

I’ve picked the Autumn Equinox, Sat. Sept 22, 2012 as my new date.  Hopefully, folks will stick around for an equinox campfire celebration afterwards.

Still planning that trip to Montana.  Hoping for May…. we’ll see!!!