Carving Stamps and Covering Boxes

I have been busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for my event. I finally broke out the slab of orange PZCuts that 4sailors gave me and got right to work with the wintergreen oil.  Most of the transfers were within the acceptable range.  The two largest (out of 10) were blurred beyond recognition, so I’ll need to clean them off and start again.  I’m working my way down through the carvings that I can see.   I have 4 (so far) donations for the event and S and D have a drawer full that they will go through.  So hopefully, I will soon have at least 6 more.  That would be 10 donations….. sweet.   And if I get another 10 + done myself, that should make for a nice event (that is if anybody comes).

I’ve also purchased 12 L&L’s on sale this week and am working away at covering them.  I’ll just keep plugging away at it.  I will be ready by the end of April!!!!


Spring is here…. the bluebirds are expected back this week…. and I am itching to get out and box!!!!  Still working on that Montana trip…. just saying!!