Come and Gone

Well, APAL day has come and gone here in Canada’s sunniest province with narry a whisper from any of the other LBers here in AB.  Spirit Bear was the only other LBer to plant a box in honour of the day.  I don’t even know if anyone has noticed the 25 new ones that are out there for them to find.  (I noticed that Ontario got 10 new LB’s also…. thanks to Bumble, LoneR and Fiddleheads… and maybe a couple of others).

Oh well…. plant and they will come… that’s what they all say.  I guess it will take a while.

Today I went to pick up my mail (I check about once a week) and there were stamps from two Ontario LBers….. for planting here in the sunny province.  Thanks Bumble and fiddleheads.   That adds to the one I got previously from tapeheads.   A great start to my May “When I Look to the Mountains” Event, and a formal garden plant in spring!  Beautiful additions, I might add!!

I really need to think about a workshop to introduce some new folks to the hobby.   We’ll see.  Work beckons right now!!  Other than picking up Spirit Bear’s new plant, I don’t know that I’ll be doing much LBing over the next few weeks.

I’ll update when I have more!!