Prep for a November Mini-Meet

My early November mini-meet / carving event is turning into a not-so-small meet.  Amazingly, there are 11 people currently signed up for the event.   I was expecting two… three at the most.

So now I’m preparing.  Firstly… to set up a bit of a presentation on the computer including an overview of AtlasQuest and a look at LbNA.  Some image selection and preparation, transfer and then on to carving.  It should be a good day of exchanges both of stamped signature images as well as ideas and techniques…. (not to mention a couple of personal travellers).

I have four stamps ready to go for new letterboxes.  I will likely have a couple of more before the event.  They will be permanently planted around the city.  However, I’m not anticipating that they will be found on the day of the event… after all, that’s not what it’s for.  But I will give out the clues to those that come and give them a chance to find before I post them publicly.

Also been working on an event stamp.   I really like this image

but I just can’t get it to transform properly into a line sketch for carving.  I think I’m going to just try a trace (basic bush, building, bridge and river’s edge outline shape) and see how I like that.  We’ll see.  I’ll figure something out.  Then to add the words… Calgary Mini-Meet, Exchange and Carving Event.  November 5, 2011.

This is way more exciting than work!!!!!