First Find, First Carve & First Event

Well, I’ve finally settled in enough to get going with letterboxing. Last week on a lovely fall afternoon I stopped at the Bowmont Natural Area to pick up Blue J’s Bowmont Duck…. my first Alberta find. Yeah!!!

I have also been working on a series from Thornton W. Burgess’ Green Meadows and Green Forest series. A couple of nights ago I completed my first carve. It is Danny Meadow Mouse. I’ll likely plant it this week, although I’m not going to post any of the clues until after Nov. 5. I have planned a mini-meet/carving event at the Scouts centre where I work for Nov 5. This is where I will get a chance to meet at least two or three Alberta letterboxers, including Blue J and BiblioTech. I plan to give out the clues for all my planted boxes (I hope to have at least 3 or 4 by then) out at the event. I will post the clues several weeks after that, to give all of them first crack at it.

Hopefully, I will be able to encourage everyone to get out there and get planting so we can get a good base of letterboxes(ers) in this fair province I now call home.