Fall in Alberta

As I sit here this morning, 5 deer came to graze in the front yard. The sun is now up and the bluebirds are still chittering and swooping around the yard. It is a PERFECT fall day for letterboxing and I am missing my friends who are meeting today at Rockwood Provincial Park in Ontario for the annual BoxON Event. Wish I could be there with you, just for this day!!

I have attempted 2 LB’s so far (of the number already planted here) and neither of them were there. It is disappointing. So many ideas are floating around in my head right now. I’m collecting images and preparing to start carving again. My first set will be in green spaces around Calgary proper. Then I think I’ll do up a library series (or two) and get a couple of workshops going. We need more Alberta Letterboxers!!!!

As I drive around and explore the countryside, so many ideas in my head.  I don’t think one can ever run out of ideas to carve and places to plant ~ can they?