Settling Down and New Clue Site

Things have finally settled down a bit. We are getting settled in a new home (not too many boxes left to unpack) and the new job is getting more familiar. So…. last weekend i had the chance to take the time to go through all the Alberta letterboxes and collect clues and maps. Mind you… they are very spread out, so I won’t be getting them all at once. But I am starting to think about finding a few of them. And I’m starting to think about plants as well. I know it will be a while before anyone comes to find them, but I still follow the old adage “if you plant then they will come”. So… life is somewhat back to routine and now LB can be a part of things again. Yeah!!

My husband pointed out to me a website where I can create my own website FOR FREE.  It is called WIX. com.   It seems much more navigable than the old google docs system.  So I am gradually transferring all of my clues here.  So far, I  have completed all of the Ontario Labyrinths, and all of the Trans-Canada Plants.  And I’m starting in on the Niagara Escarpment Series.  Hopefully, it will be more user friendly than the old method, while still giving me the creative license that I need to post clues.  Check it out.