Alberta Bound!!

Anyone else have that Stompin’ Tom song running through their heads???   As my last post stated the news is official.  By May 6 or 7th, I will be on the road to Alberta.

My plan is to spend some time on the first day in Muskoka.  I have a couple more labyrinths to plant and a hubcap or two to drop at rest areas.  Then over to Parry Sound to pick up a couple of fiddleheads/kirbert boxes (and several others) before heading northward.  My sister-in-law will be joining me in Parry Sound for the drive west.  She is a rookie (avid) letterboxer, so it will be fun to spend a couple of days with her.  We will be stopping along the way at all of the letterboxes I planted on my trip west (to Saskatchewan) last spring as well as planting 14 new ones between Sudbury and Calgary.  I had these all carved and ready to go a while ago, so it was just a matter of finishing up the boxes and logbooks.   (I had almost enough already purchased…. I need two more L&L’s and 1 more logbook and I’m set to go).    Oh, and I will be leaving behind 6 new mini’s in the library in Owen Sound.  (I got permission and even recruited a new letterboxer ~ the head librarian).  She and her husband take motorcycle trips around NA and they were soon heading for Gettysburg, PA.  I told her I thought there might be lots around that area.  She was really enthused!!!

I will try to remember to take photos as we go, so I can post the story when I have a chance!!