Just Can’t Stop Thinkin’

So even though we are likely moving and I don’t want to leave lots of LB’s behind for someone else to “mind”, I just can’t stop thinking, planning and carving.

I was thinking about Fiddleheads’ Five Cent Christmas Songs in the library in Guelph to use up her small pieces. So I have come up with a Publishers in the Library series. Once again (like the labyrinths and the hubcaps) it turns out to be bigger than life. Just by going around opening books in my house (OK, I have a lot of books. A couple of weeks ago I took 120 boxes of books, mags and files to the storage unit in anticipation of our move. And there are still lots of books here in our house), I was able to come up with 80 symbols for different publishing houses. (In all fairness, some of them did come off the internet). Anyways…. I am going to do 10 per library and finish with a hollow book (holding the logbook, final stamp and ink pad) in the reference section of the library. Owen Sound is all ready to go. I plan to stop in today and visit with the librarian to get the go-ahead. I’d publish a picture (’cause I’m pretty happy with the end result) but I don’t want to post a spoiler for all you Ontario boxers out there!!