Another Day Trip in Ontario

On March 25 ~ a crisp but sunny day, I managed to make a LONG day trip from Lion’s Head across to Penetang as far as Severn Bridge, down to Barrie (more pink stuff…. yeah!!) and back home. In the middle I had a nice long visit with my brother and his fiance.

Unfortunately, it was not a very successful boxing day. I began in Penetang (I was there by 8:00am) with Discovery Harbour, which was totally missing. Then on to Champlain which was frozen in place. I could not wedge it out for love nor money.

Then it was on to Awenda Provincial Park for fiddleheads Come Camping with Me.  I thought it being March I would get away with not paying.  NADA!!  There was a big sign saying all vehicles needed to display a permit and a machine to take my money.  Bummer.  There was no trail map (that I could find) on the internet.  I had downloaded a campsite map and from descriptions off the internet and fiddleheads clue, I thought I had the right trail.  (You can see where this is going can’t you).  So I tromped about 1/2 hour over the snowpacked trail (fortunately the snow was quite solid so the going wasn’t too tough) until I got down to the “proper” location.  Of course, just as I got there, I spotted a trail map that showed me I wasn’t in the right spot at all.  So I headed out across the Bluffs Trail to get to the Beaver Pond Trail.  (It was about 10 minutes along this path that I realized that I had told NO-ONE what my itinerary was ~ my husband knew I was going boxing but not where/when and that if I was to sprain my ankle or otherwise injure myself I was on my own to find my way back to the vehicle and help.  I have since reminded him that if I head out again he is to REQUEST an itinerary before I go. I always remember when I’m out in the middle of nowhere when it’s too late to do anything.)  Anyways… no injuries…..   So… from the top of the bluff I could see the Boardwalk where I was supposed to see.  Rather than going all the way around to the road or stairs, I chose to “bushwack” it down the hill.  And this was a hill.  About 50 feet down on a very steep angle.  I slid down on my butt from one tree to the next, clamoured over a fallen beech tree and finally ended up at the bottom.  The swamp (which the Boardwalk crosses) was still fairly frozen, so I was able to make my way to the Boardwalk and clamour up over the railing.  It took me two circuits of the boardwalk to find the entrance (directions from there) and then finally a very nice carve in a well preserved box.  I was also able to leave a small stamp as a contribution to the set.

Then off to Severn Bridge to meet my brother and attempt to find the Got 2 Pee Letterbox by Ondine.  No luck again.

Then I headed back to Midland/Penetang to finish off.  I was able to plant another hubcap near Victoria Harbour and another Labyrinth in Midland at the Lutheran Church.  So at least that was somewhat successful.

I tried to find Caragouha.  The end of the roadway was covered with a large pile of dirty snow and by this time in the day I did not feel like walking the 1/2 mile in to the statue (and the box).  So I left it for another day.

Then I headed off to Barrie, to Michael’s to get another chunk of pink stuff.  Yeah… more carvings.   I also attempted to find the labyrinth at the Barrie Arboretum with NO LUCK!  So I had to come home with a labyrinth box I was hoping to plant.

I am now up to 190 finds.  I was hoping to top 200 this day by finishing with a stop in Orangeville on the way home, but by this time it was way too late to even attempt to stop.  Another day………