Fall/Winter Update and Looking Ahead

Today is 4 years (to the day) since I found my first letterbox in Pierrepont Manor, NY, USA.  In honour of the day, I am introducing my new signature stamps.  They are the same image, but now have words on them (so I don’t have to write it out each time), and are about half the size of the originals.  So I will still use multi-colours to stamp in.

Also, my Marvy’s were wearing out, so I have bought a whole set of replacements.  I found the 12 Victorian set on sale at Michael’s for half price (in Aurora), and got 12 of the Dee Gruning Tropical Colours with my 40%off coupon.  And then I bought the 12 Primary set from Webfoot along with a holder that keeps them all organized.  And… with the winter boxing we’ve done, I decided I needed a small “table” to carry with me (to rest my book on, so it doesn’t get damaged).  I have built the top and am just looking for one of those small foldout stools.  I imagine they will soon be in stock with the camping gear.  So I will be even more “set” for letterboxing come spring.  Whoo hoo!

Although I have not posted since June of 2010, I have not been entirely silent in the LBing category.  In July, I replaced the Labyrinth stamp at the Jesuit Centre in Guelph with a stamp that matched the labyrinth there (I didn’t realize until I got there that I had one that was the same).  I have also planted several more Hubcaps in my travels around the province.

And Where’s Wendy has been busy carving (and planting) around Owen Sound and area, so that has given me a few more finds.  In July… The Other Big Apple, in Meaford.  Also in July….  Are We There Yet:  #1 Flintstones, #2 Grinch, #3 Cheshire Cat, #4 Wile E. Coyote and #5 If You Give a Mouse… on the way home from a trip to Owen Sound.  Then in early August… Are We There Yet #6 Wilbur, #7 Chef Wendell (and his delicious Cinnamon Buns), #8 Mr. Sneeze, #9 Ruby Slippers, & #10 The Doctor is In… a quick trip to Tobermory and back.  In September, I was finally able to get The Happy Bee’s Kitty Kiddy in Owen Sound (no people around that day) and Herbivore’s Tennis on Brown Street at Colpoy’s Bay (on my way home from Owen Sound the same day).  In October it was Where’s Wendy’s  We All Scream for Ice Cream Owen Sound,  Fiddleheads The Devil is in the Details planted at the Devil’s Monument (on an anniversary hike with my hubby), and Herbivore’s Divers Den stamp in Tobermory.

At Christmas, I carved a series of 8 “A Christmas to Remember 2010” Hitchhikers and set them off on their journeys.

In January, Where’s Wendy and I attending a mini-meet / carving event at Fiddlehead’s in Guelph.  We were able to pick up a couple of winter boxes that day also.  Skater’s Waltz and Bare Branches, both excellent carves by Fiddleheads. Then in February, we made the pilgrimage back to Guelph.   Only two of Fiddleheads 10 Five Cent Christmas Songs remained in the library.  I have been inspired to do a library series.  Outdoors we found We All Scream for Icecream 2010: The Cone Shoppe by Fiddleheads, McQuillan Bridge by Lone R, OPAL 2011: Guelph Radial Trail Groundhog by Lone R, Teddy Bear’s Picnic by Earth Diver… cute, GAQLBE08: GC-AC Canada-USA by deniserows (and planted by Lone R), Four Calling Birds by Fiddleheads (you have to see this carve!!) and OPAL Day – Ontario Tree-Climbing Groundhog by Lone R.   By the time we found the last one we were chilled through, damp and the wind had come up a fair bit (and light was beginning to fade).  The end of another successful day.  About mid-day we were also able to meet with Fiddleheads for a quick exchange in Tim’s (and a warm-up break!!)

Then in early March I headed back up the Harrison Park toboggan hill to get Where’s Wendy’s Toboganning in Harrison Park II stamp.

And with the spring melt finally settling in, I have the LBing bug.  (Besides which, Where’s Wendy went on a trip to Florida and got three more letterbox finds and she is now three ahead of me.  Why is that incentive for me to get out there and box??

I’m still reluctant to plant more boxes in this area as I don’t know where we’ll be going and I don’t want to leave any more for Wendy to maintain once I’m gone.  However, I am planning a library series and I think I will do one set in the library in Owen Sound for Wendy to find.  Maintenance shouldn’t be too difficult as it only involves a trip to the library.

I am planning a daytrip soon to Penetang, Orillia, Barrie, and Orangeville to hopefully break the 200 finds mark.  (I am currently at 189).

Other than that I am finishing up the words on my new signature stamps, carving a stamp for Fiddleheads Camping box in Awenda Park, working on more labyrinth stamps, carving some more hubcaps, carving a stamp for a park in Mildmay (I bought wood there this winter and discovered the park) and working on an extensive library series (inspired by Fiddleheads Five Cent Christmas Songs) to use up my huge bag of pink stuff “scraps” .  These will be planted hopefully in libraries once we have moved and settled some place.

Here’s to 2011 and more successful letterboxing!!