A “Successful” Day

Last week on a nice sunny day, I went for a letterboxing trip.  I was on the road from 6:30am until about 11:00p.m.  ~ that’s a long day.  In between I accomplished a number of “good” things.  I was able to both plant and find some letterboxes (although I ran out of light at the end of the day and had to quit before I was really “done”).  I was able to find a new source of “pink stuff” and visit an art store (for my husband).  And… I reached the following milestones.

1) I filled up my very first log book (barring a few spaces left for specific stamps) and celebrated 39 months of letterboxing.

2) I was able to hide my 75th letterbox successfully.

3) I was able to find my 150th letterbox.

Here’s how I spent my day.  Started off in Owen Sound (arrived by 7:30).  As Staples wasn’t open yet, I buzzed off to pick up the West Rocks Sound View box.  It was a short walk on a sunny warm morning… great way to start the day.  After picking up my docs from Staples, I headed south for Kitchener/Cambridge.  On the way down, I stopped at the Beatty Saugeen River (on Hwy 6) to plant another of my hubcaps.   What a lovely spot.

Then on down to Mount Forest to fill up with gas (the cheapest around at 90.3/l).  An hour later I was at the art store (Curry’s) in Kitchener… a successful stop for my husband.  Then on to the Cambridge Michaels to check out the supply of pink stuff.  It turns out that yes, Michael’s does now carry larger slabs… I purchased a 6×12… at 40% off it came to 17.99, still cheaper than either of the Waterloo or Guelph art stores (at 20+change).  Then I headed for Guelph.  I first decided to hit up Lone R’s Hansel & Gretel series at Eden Mills (just east of Guelph).  It was about an hour walk (with stops), but a fun little story, great stamps to match and ALL OF THEM WERE THERE!!  Then I drove up to the Ignatius Jesuit Centre north of town to plant my latest labyrinth stamp.  Of course, I took the time to walk the labyrinth first.

The next stop was Marden, where I picked up Lone R’s Peace in the Park letterbox… a short walk, a nice little park.

Then I headed for Orangeville and Hockley Valley where I had a couple of stops planned.  By the time I had finished my small amount of shopping in Orangeville, it was 4:30.  I phoned ahead to the Ecology Centre to see if I could come and walk their labyrinth.  Yes….  so off I went and 20 minutes later I was pulling in to their driveway.

I spent a fair bit of time here, walking the labryinth and enjoying the  sounds of the crickets and the songbirds… yes, there was a bit of traffic in the distance, but it was hard to notice.  My senses were almost overwhelmed by the peace in this place, the seed heads and flowers of the wild grasses and weeds were beautiful in the evening sun, the sounds of nature, the early evening shadows.  It is a private retreat centre, so you must call ahead if you plan to go… but on this day, there were no retreat groups booked in, so I was by myself.   I was eventually able to find a place to hide my second labyrinth letterbox of the day.

Finally, I had to leave (I had a few other stops I wanted to make before dark).  I was going to attempt the Ancient Celtic Animals at Hockley, but with time running out (and a 2 mile hike ahead of me), I opted to only pick up the first one (right at the trailhead).  The other two will have to wait for another day.  Then I headed north to Eugenia.  Just before this small town, I found the Beaver Valley Lookout Rest Area and wheeled in…. another hubcap letterbox has found a home.   Then in to town and the falls proper… a short walk and quick box Eugenia Falls.   Then a quick jaunt north to Kimberley and Old Baldy.  I made it out to the edge of the escarpment and some spectacular views…..

but as you can see, the sun was quickly disappearing and I didn’t want to be stuck on the edge of a very steep cliff in an unknown woods in the dark.  So… I don’t think I went far enough (although it was hard to tell where the first lookout started and ended) to actually reach the location of the box.  So another trip will be in order… for another day.

As I headed north (towards home), I ascended out of the Beaver Valley to yet another lookout rest area near Epping, this one looking back east across the valley.  Another quick stop and plant of a third hubcap for the day!

Then on through Owen Sound and north to Lion’s Head and home.  I pulled in around 11:00p.m.

A very successful and enjoyable day all around.