Google Docs and Redoing my Clues

Each week I check the “box of the week” out to see what it was that made it special.  I look at the clue and at the finds and at the comments.  A couple of weeks ago, the planter had used Google Docs to publish their clue (linked through AQ).  So I went to check out Google Docs.

Turns out I can upload any document that I have made and Google Docs will allow me to share it (ie. I can link to it from AQ and LbNA).  That gives me a lot of creative freedom for my clues that I haven’t had up til now.  Cool.

So, I am redoing my clues using OpenOrg. Draw.  I can put any photos I want and/or use different fonts (to match the clues) or any other creative stuff.  Then I print it as a pdf and upload the pdf to Google Docs.  The good thing is, you can copy and paste text out of the pdf from GD, so that someone can just print the text they need to find the box.  I am really appreciating the creative freedom this has given me with my clues.  I will eventually redo all 70 of my planted letterboxes this way.  And any new ones I add will be done as pdf’s right from the start.

Here’s a link to my newest letterbox plant, and a couple from Saskatchewan.