A Letterboxing Trip Across the Country

Well, not exactly the whole way.  I had a last minute opportunity to accompany my friend Journey Girl from Southern Ontario to North Battleford, SK to move her to a new province, a new home and a new job.   Fortunately, I had been “hoping and planning”  and so I had a series of quicky clues to LB’s to pick up and had planned 12 in total to plant.  (I had the images and approximate locations all ready to go).  So…. we missed one of the plants (I need to get up to St. Joseph’s Island near the Sault to finish off my Niagara Escarpment series), but I managed to get 11 in place.  I have now listed all of the clues on Atlasquest.

Here are some pics of the trip.  I was mostly a passenger and had lots of time to take pics.  (On our day between Sudbury and Thunder Bay I snapped over 200 shots from the passenger seat).