Festival of Northern Lights ~ Owen Sound

The “Festival” has come and gone.  Where’s Wendy and I collaborated to put together a set of 8 stamps for the festival.  Only Fiddleheads, Prop and their family made it up to take in the sights and sounds of the season (and collect the images), but just reading their story made it all worthwhile.   Here it is in their words….

“Prop and I made our way up to Owen Sound to do the series put in by Where’s Wendy and Water Lily.  What a great day!

We started at Harrison Park, which is nestled right against the escarpment.  If you have kids, bring a sled for a run or two down the enormous hill there;  two runs should exhaust even the most energetic kid.  I’ve never seen a sled run so big!  There’s also an outdoor rink, and if we ever go again we’ll try to skate at night when all the Christmas lights are on.

We brushed the snow off a picnic table and stamped in while big, fluffy flakes floated to the ground and left the occasional water spot on our images – a perfect souvenir of the day.  It was bitterly cold;  bring along those hand warmers you put into your mitts or you won’t be able to hold a marker long enough to colour the stamps.

Then we made our way downtown and saw more of the displays while picking up Wendy’s stamps.  You’d never know she’s only been carving for a few months – really great carves, and she’s put them all in places you’ll want to see later in the evening when the lights come on.

We went to Wendy’s house where she warmed us up with hot chocolate (and more than a few marshmallows! ) and we did some exchanges with her and The Happy B.  We had to zip out to get the last two of Water Lily’s stamps before we lost our light.  There’s so much fine detail on her stamps, and you really need some time to do them justice.

At 5:00, just as I was colouring the final stamp in the car, the sun dipped behind the escarpment and darkness came quickly.  Having found all the letterboxes we knew where to drive to see all the light displays, and it was really beautiful.  Families were out walking and the whole town was alive and light.

We worked our way back to Harrison Park and had supper at the little restaurant there.  It was the perfect way to end a perfect day, and having done an entire day of winter boxing, I’m really looking forward to what people do for the Ontario Plant a Letterbox Day in February!

Fiddleheads (and Prop)”

Don’t worry, for those of you who didn’t get a chance to come up this year, we plan to put them up for the Festival again next year. Check out my FoNL page for some photos and links.