A New Year of Letterboxing

Although winter has set in here with a vengance,

that doesn’t mean all is lost in the world of letterboxing.  I am working on a couple of new series.  Also, I am recarving three of the quilt blocks that “may” have gone missing (I’ll check it out for sure in the spring, but they are easy enough to carve that I thought I’d go prepared, rather than having to make the 3 hour trip back home, carve anew and then go back and replant).  I’m debating the “winter” plant-a-letterbox-day as I’m not sure that people will make the trip up to OS (or further) in the winter weather.  I’ll see…. I may change my mind.  I do have a series in mind, but I’m not sure where I want them.

Anyways… for now, I’m researching/copying images and hunkering down with my pink stuff and carving tools in anticipation of spring.