Endings, Beginnings and an Update

July 2009 ~ Rescued by Lone R

One of the Mennonite Quilt blocks has already been compromised!! It is in New Hamburg near the 10000 Villages warehouse. They are doing construction and ripped out the flowerbed in the process. So… Lone R graciously made the trip to Hidden Acres Camp to pick it up and rehid it near the 10000 Villages store (in a safer location). Thanks Lone R for rescuing this box and putting it back into circulation.

July 15 ~ Met a new LOCAL (yeah!!) Letterboxer

Today I met with Where’s Wendy and her daughter The Happy Bee at Tim Horton’s (coffee shop ~ for those of you Americans who don’t know what that is ;)) for an exchange. Then we travelled together to Bognor Marsh where I replanted the “Blackbirds” box that had gotten washed away this winter/spring. We also did the escarpment climb to the “Turkeys” box also so Wendy could stamp in and I could do a maintenance check ~ all in good shape.


August ~ Kirbert’s Airport Stamps

I got to looking at the list of Kirbert’s Airport stamps and decided that there were two small airports in this area that really needed stamps. So… I emailed him and he replied… “tell me what you want”. So I went onto websites and found two planes that would “match” with the airports in question. I emailed him the information and less than a month later two stamps arrived for me in the mail. COOL!!! So there are now two Kirbert stamps planted along the trail of the NES, one in Owen Sound and one in Wiarton.

September, 2009 ~ HitchHikers, my first

I’ve been working on a few HH’s for the Box ON! Event (We want to stop at the Hockley Valley HH Chalet and I want a couple to trade out). These make use of the smaller scraps of carving material left over from my other carves. I’ve decided on a small series called Autumn Leaves. I’ve also just started carving (on these small leaves with fine detail) with an exacto blade rather than the gouges and I’ve got to say I like the end result. It gives a crisp, clear image. So… I’ve completed Red Oak, Sugar Maple and American Beech. I made small logbooks by cutting out individual leaf shaped pages and putting them together with scrap book posts. I love the final look, but it is sure tedious cutting out all those pages ~ I did 30 per logbook, so I’m already working on replacement books for when they are full (something I can do when I’ve run out of my supply of pink stuff and can’t afford to purchase any more ~ for the time being).


September 26, 2009 ~ Box ON! Life in the Big Smoke Event

Today I went with Where’s Wendy (and her family) to Toronto, where the two of us boarded the Rosedale Subway for High Park and the Box ON! Event. We arrived at the park early and there was no-one at the pavilion, so we started out with the clues Wendy had printed. We were able to find #2 and #3 of the first series before the event “started” at the pavilion. Then, we went back and found a couple more, but with a few trips up and down that staircase we finally gave up. We had found all of five stamps (one of which was mine) by 1:00p.m when we headed back to the pavilion for lunch. We then spent quite a bit of time in the pavilion stamping in all the event stamps and by then it was raining. However…. Where’s Wendy and Fiddleheads were anxious to find a few more!! So… off we headed to the south end of the park, near Grenadier Pond. Thanks to Fiddleheads, we were able to pick up four more stamps, ending with my Ontario Stockyards, stamped in as it really started to pour!! Then, on our way home (driving) we stopped to get Kirbert’s Fokker Dr I and to put two Autumn Leaves HH‘s into the Hockley Valley HH Chalet. So, all in all, I picked up 8 new traditionals today.

October 5, 2009 ~ Quick Drive-By

Had to make a quick trip into Etobicoke to drop off my BIL and SIL at my Aunt & Uncle’s place on the Lakeshore. On the way home I took a side trip to Lone R’s Oh My Stars are We on Mars? Letterbox, near Cheltenham. Brought back a few memories as we were married at the Presbyterian Church just down the road and had the reception at the golf club nearby. A very “cool” stop if you’re driving by the area.

October 7, 2009 ~ finally reached F100

Where’s Wendy and I made a trip to Guelph to purchase some more carving materials and to do some letterboxing.  We spent the afternoon at the University of Guelph and picked up the Gwelf and Gryphons letterboxes (by Lone R) on the campus proper and then parked near the Arboretum.   There we were able to scout out the Box ON! Puzzle Boxes (5 ~ I already had one from the Box ON event), and the Secret Garden planted by Fiddleheads.  We also found Lone R’s Arboretum stamp and The Phoenix’s Chicka Chicka Boom Boom stamp.  On the way home we stopped in Fergus to pick up the Scottish Games LB (for Wendy… I already had it). Here are a couple of photos of this lovely spot.  (Great carve too that complements both the setting and the clue).

DSCF5234 DSCF5240

All in all, a great day.  AND, I PASSED MY F100 COUNT TODAY!!!!  Now that I have reached this goal (and sewn my patch on my vest) I am less anxious to be out there LB’ing. That’s not to say that I’m quitting or anything, just that I won’t be spending money I don’t have trying to get out there.

October 15, 2009 ~ NES completed

Today I made the trip into Owen Sound and planted the last of the NES boxes at Inglis Falls and the Centennial Tower. It’s been a slice!! And my carving skills have improved signifiantly… I could not attempt those last two images when I was starting out, hence the “fractured” order of planting the series of boxes.  (I am now at 49 plants… I HAVE to get one more!!)  Anyways… they are all out there and all have been visited by at least one person (Where’s Wendy ~ OK, she’s more local so it’s understandable). But I’ve got to say, it does give one much more incentive to carve when you know someone is anxious to find them!!!

October 28, 2009 – My P50!!! and Logbook making

With the Mennonite Quilt Blocks and the Niagara Escarpment Series completed, I have begun working on a new (more flexible) series called Hubcaps (I had no idea how many different hubcap designs I would have to choose from.  Check out http://www.hubcaps.com).  These will be drive-by’s planted at Roadside Picnic/Rest Stops that I encounter on my many travels.   The first has already been planted at Mar (north of Wiarton).  I pass this spot at least once weekly and it has been “calling out” for a plant.   I have three more ready to go.

The thing is…. I am using up some of the smaller lock ‘n locks that I have acquired.  They are the 6oz. size and I have about 12 of them.  So… they are easy to cover, easy to hide and fit the stamp quite well.  However…. they do not fit the $1.50 log books (3 x 4 1/2″) that I have bought for my other plants… argh!!!

So I have delved into making small logbooks.  I purchased “cheap” sketch books from the dollar store and am cutting them into 2″x2 1/2″ pages.  So far I have tried two types of books.  1. The Matchbook Logbook posted by Campfire Lady.   Other than trying to drill through all 60 pages at once with my smallest drill bit and not getting the holes exactly straight (ie. they come out the back a bit wonky), I have pretty much liked this method.  Using the drill meant that the holes were all lined up and getting a needle through was really easy.  I had embroidery floss already, and so it was easy to match colours and make it look quite sharp.  (As long as you don’t turn it over and look at the back).  It gives a 2×2″ page for stamping on.    So far I have completed 4 and will do a bunch more.

Also, I am working on more of the Autumn Leaves HH.  I have three more in the works (White Oak, Basswood and Elm stamps are carved).  Again, it is the logbooks that are holding me up.  Hand cutting those pages for the logbooks in the shape of the leaf (matches the stamp) is a tedious process.  I will not do it again!!! But my perfectionist tendancies will not let me complete the series any other way.

I have to say, that making logbooks is so far my least favorite part of letterboxing.   My carving skills are improving with each carve (and images getting more complex), and really, covering the boxes only takes about 20 minutes a piece.  Then it’s a simple matter of putting all the pieces together in baggies and getting them into the boxes.

I have one more LB gathering trip planned with Where’s Wendy (she’s from Owen Sound, so we are doing stuff together, yeah!!!) and then that will likely be it for a while.  We’re hopefully heading for Guelph again next week.

I will continue to carve hubcaps and make logbooks until I run out of stuff (may need another sheet of pink stuff soon) and then we’ll see where it goes from there.

I’m still looking for employment and hoping that it doesn’t take too much longer for something to show up that I can do well.  It likely will involve a move, so in the mean time I’m trying to get stuff sorted, organized and purged in preparation.

All in all, it’s been a good boxing year ~ may it continue to be so!!