mid-May Update

So.. on May 2 I went to check on a couple of my letterboxes…. not too successful. This is what I encountered.

DSCF4535 DSCF4551

The beavers had been busy at work and the water levels had risen high enough to separate the boardwalk far enough that I could not cross.  So… I bushwacked around the end of the pond to the “island” in the middle and discovered that the section of boardwalk the box was under had completely floated away…. no sign of the box whatsoever.  MY FIRST LOSS  ;(  So I am working on a recarve and a replant (currently listed as unavailable until I can get back out there).  And then when I went to go “up” the escarpment, I couldn’t even follow the road (didn’t have my hip waders on that day).  So… I’m guessing that the box on top of the escarpment is still OK, but I’ll have to get back and check it out another day.

Major spoiler coming up…. if you don’t want to see pics of stamps DO NOT LOOK!!!

I have been working on my “Mennonites of Ontario ~ Quilt Blocks” series, getting them ready for Plant-A-Letterbox day.  It has been a lot of work, between researching quilt squares and then researching Mennonite history and then figuring out what significant locations to plant each one at.   Anyways…  I have already hidden one, but here is a pic of the other 19 squares…. it looks so cool, I just had to show it (I won’t normally do this… but an exception!!).  All will be planted and clues posted on May 26… coming soon!!  So this spring, most of my letterboxing has consisted of carving and planting.