Mayday ~ Thoughts, Reflections and more Upcoming plants

So… I week ago today I lost my job.   Lots to think about!

But… in the meantime, I am carving and planting a whole bunch of planned LB’s.  I have finished up my Bruce Peninsula, Niagara Escarpment Series carves…. one last one to plant in Tobermory today.  I have two images to finalize for Owen Sound letterboxes (NES #3 and 4) and then 1 – 20 will be completed!!

And yesterday I carved 11 new quilt squares as well as looking up an additional 6 more.  (I only need 2 more patterns to finish up the 20 block quilt).   So I am busy carving, and prepping boxes to be hidden in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.   I hope to be able to make a trip down there next week to hide them all in suitable locations, as well as spending time writing up the specific clues to go with each.

So, Ontario boxers, get ready for some boxing.