Spring Boxing Trip and more carving

I am geared up for another season of boxing.   It has become a tradition each March to make a trip to PA for the Mennonite Camping Association Conference.   Each year I have boxed down and back.   This year, the conference is in the far south of PA and so I am taking an afternoon/evening boxing trip at the end of the conference to find boxes in Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, as well as a few more in New York and PA.  This year I am also “revisiting” a couple of past boxes to get a new imprint in my new log book.  The old one got wet and all the images ran together, so I am trying to replace as many as possible (crazy, I know… but I’m still new enough to want to do that).

One of the coolest things for me this year is a chance to visit Punxsetawny Phil ~ the famous weather prognasticator.   My own “Wiarton Willie” was the first letterbox I planted and I thought it would be fun for him to visit his oft-times rival.   So…. I will pull Wiarton Willie for a few days and take him on a vacation to PA where he can exchange stamps with Punxy Phil.   How fun is that.

I am thinking of carving a couple of stamps highlighting my own family history (and the place where I grew up) that I will plant in Ontario before we cross the border to the states.    There doesn’t seem to be many boxes on the Canadian side down in that neck of the woods.   dscf4089

I also got motivated the other day and carved up three more of my     Quilt Block series, highlighting Mennonite History in Waterloo County.  So I just need to figure out hiding locations for  them and they are ready to go.  That should happen within the next few weeks as the weather improves.

So… back in the swing of the things and ready for another boxing  season.

Spring melt is almost upon us, as the local photo reveals.  Yeah!!