First Find of 2009 ~ Blair Sheaves Tower

010509blair-sheaves-mill1Today I made a trip to the KW area and decided to take in a letterbox (so I could send my Nativity: Shepherd HH on it’s way).   I chose Blair Sheaves because it seems like it gets a fair bit of traffic ~ LB traffic that is.    A lovely spot (on a crisp, sunny winter day) and a cool stamp ~ well worth the trip.  BUT….. it was a smaller box in an altoids tin, so no room for my HH.   So now I have a bit of a dilemma.   I need to get the HH on the road.   AH HAH!!!  I just got a brain wave.   Make (and plant) a new box in that area that all the active boxers will want to come and find and put the HH in it.   OK… I’m off to carve another stamp!!!!