Planning a Spring Trip

Each year I attend a Camping Conference, usually in the States and usually in PA.   This will be my third year (next year it is in Ontario, so no travelling!!)  It happens the week after March break which is usually the middle of the month.   So…. I have already planned to letterbox my way down and back.  This year it is in Mercersburg, PA, which is just across the state border from Hagerstown MD.    So…. having never boxed in any states other than NY and PA, I’ve decided to make a foray to the south on the day the conference ends.  I will pick up a couple of boxes in Maryland, a couple in West Virginia and a couple in Virginia, not to mention Punxsetawny Phil in PA.  (Now that is a cool one, since I have my own Wiarton Willie box here in Ontario.   I think Wiarton Willie will even make a trip down to visit his buddy Phil).   Anyways…. I have spent the last day coordinating the trip, searching out letterboxes that I want to find, etc. etc.    I’m already excited about the trip and it’s three months away!!!