My First Hitchhiker, and a couple of personal Travellers

121408shepherdhh Tonight I finished carving my first hitchhiker ~ Nativity: Shepherd.   I must say, I was quite pleased with the carve when it was all done.  It is to be released on or around Christmas to make it’s way to a Nativity box near Roseburg, Oregon.  That is a cool idea!   Now I just need to figure out where to drop it where it will get picked up and moved ASAP.  I need to find a frequently visited box that isn’t too far away.

I’ve also pulled the two small stamps I carved for Silver Lake (Camp) to use with the letterboxing workshop I did this summer, to be used now as personal travellers.   And I’ve completed a larger personal traveller based on an image I found that reflects (another) new hobby of mine.

Over the last week I have also downloaded and refined some new images for a continuation of the Niagara Escarpment Series.  I plan now to end in Tobermory.   I have 8 new images….  4 of which are fill-in’s to complete the first 16 and 4 of which are new ones to add further north.  So… just to keep on carvin’

So…. in spite of the fact that it just hasn’t stopped snowing here for the last two weeks and we are now under at least 2 ft of snow, I have been able to keep boxing.