Lion’s Head Revisited

I haven’t been doing much “maintenance” on my boxes because most are still listed as being “NEVER” found.  But… in light of having ruined my old logbook, I wanted to retrieve each of the images into my new book.  So today we took a walk out to the Lion’s Head box behind our house.  To my delight there are a few comments in the logbook.  Several non-boxers have found it (I have hidden it a bit better now) and really enjoyed it.  As well a couple of new boxers have visited.  How cool is that.  So… the hitchhiker that I left as first-finders prize has moved on it’s way.

It was a beautiful sunny fall morning and we had quite a nice walk along the escarpment bluffs overlooking Isthmus Bay and south toward Lion’s Head.   A great day to revisit an awesome view.