After “THE event”

Well, BoxON! Guelph has come and gone and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great to meet many of the “trail names” that have become familiar as I peruse the Boards and forums. Not to mention, the folks who have taken the time to carve and plant many of the boxes I’ve already found. The weather cooperated beautifully and there was a great turnout at Riverside Park in Guelph. So…. in the aftermath I’ve finally had a chance to sit down with my log book and “assess the damage” (that is to say figure out how many exchanges I made and how many new boxes and event stamps and cooties and hitchhikers I logged). Wow! My numbers of stamped images have almost doubled ~ JUST IN ONE DAY!!

I’ve got to say that in some ways many of them don’t “feel” like letterboxes. You know ~ no clue, no search, no stealth, no sitting in the bush stamping in to a logbook as leaves blow (or rain falls) around you!! That’s not to say that I’m not happy to have them, but it does feel a little bit like cheating. All I had to do was sit at a table and colour and stamp, colour and stamp, colour and stamp and pass my logbook around for others to do the same. My hands were covered with ink by about the first hour. I don’t know how all you people keep so clean!!!

Anyways…. I am very, very happy to have gone and met so many fine people. I hope to be able to do this every year!! And thanks so much to Fiddleheads, Lone R and whomever else contributed to the planning of the event and setting up all those great boxes in the park and around the area. It was a great time!!