Early Fall ~ At it Again

Well, summer is over for me.  The last campers have left, the staff have gone home and the camp is clean and ready for the first rental group (which someone else hosts).  So…. now I can think about letterboxing again and begin to prepare for the upcoming Box ON! in Guelph.  

I’ve been pondering a bit what I’m coming for and my conclusion is that it’s mostly to meet the people.   One of the “About Attending a Gathering” pages that I read said to make sure that you leave yourself time to box.   You know, I do want to get those event stamps and the ones that are temporarily there (for the gathering), but really, I want to spend time sharing stories and exchanging stamps and just enjoying people.  (For an introvert, that may be a funny thing to say, but it’s what I’m looking forward to most).  I guess that’s one of the things that I generally like about “boxing”…. getting out there in nature by myself (or my family) and having a chance to solve a clue and find the stamp at the end.  I am a mostly solo, non-urban prefering letterboxer.

Anyways….. I’ve started to think about more stamps, hitchhiker themes, and a new series.   I think tonight I’ll get out my SpeedyCarve and get started.  Yeah!!!