10 New Letterboxers

This week at camp I taught an “arts” class on letterboxing to ten 9 – 12 year olds.   We had four sessions of two hours each.   The first day we researched, designed and carved signature stamps.  The second they went and found two letterboxes that I had planted at camp, especially for them.  Then they designed and hid their own letterboxes and wrote their own clues.  On the third day they spent two hours searching for each other’s letterboxes.  Then… on day four we went offsite to a place where I had hidden two “real” letterboxes.  They were delighted to be the first finders on the two “Slough of Despond” letterboxes that I had planted.  (“So now everyone who finds this box will be able to see our signature stamps”).    So… I have maybe fostered a few new letterboxing families for Ontario to join the growing hoard.  We’ll see I guess.   Anyways…. it was an opportunity to get a bit of my letterboxing fixation fed until I can get back on the trail in September.  

And….. the first family to report that they have found a portion of my Niagara Escarpment Series boxes.   You were right.  If you plant…. they will come!!!  It is exciting to introduce these beautiful places (and my own creations) to a few letterboxers in Ontario.   And, I’ve invited them to come to Box ON in Guelph.   Now wouldn’t that be great to see them there?

Happy summer boxing.