Images and Software

Yesterday I downloaded a test version of software that turns photos into line drawings (for a STAMP carving)!   Alas, it did not work the way I had hoped it would.  The drawings I had chosen for three of the remaining four of my Niagara Escarpment Series stamps were way to complex and the resulting image was just a jumble of lines on a page. 

So I am faced with finding corresponding images for the last four of the series and translating them into stamps.  This may take some time as things are REALLY busy right now getting ready for summer camp.   (Push for final hiring of those last few staff ~ including a cook, YIKES! ~ and all the other minutia needed to be ready for the kids arrival on June 29).  You can be sure I’ll be keeping this always in the back of my mind and will hopefully have a chance to work on it at some point through the summer so those final boxes are ready to plant in early fall.

My brain is already at work on the next series of 20 boxes which I already have stamp designs for.  And yet another series beyond that!!!!  I was reading on the forums the other day about tools for fine, detailed work.   I think it is time I begin to think about becoming more complex (and creative) with my designs. 

This summer I am doing a session for a few of the campers at our Arts Camp on Letterboxing.   The first step will be for them to make their own signature stamp.  Then we will go out and find 2 letterboxes (which I will hide) on the camp site.   Then I think I will have them make up their own stamp, box and clue and then hide it (a cheap version for getting the hiding and clue writing stuff down) and then the following day we will all go out and search for those hidden boxes (getting used to following clues and searching).    So it may be that I can introduce 7 – 10 campers and their families to a new past-time!!!

So… in spite of being less active on this blog and of not being able to lurk at Atlasquest…. I will NOT be entirely sleeping this summer.  Have a great summer of letterboxing and see you at Box ON Guelph! in the fall.