A Treatise on Poison Ivy

So…. at my “pre-Annual Letterboxing Day plant”, I managed to contract a small poison ivy rash between my toes.  Yuck!!!

When I was in university, I did a bit of research on poison ivy that has never left me.   So… here goes, for those who are interested.

First of all, poison ivy is a woody vine, with roots that go deep and runners that travel far.  Hence it is VERY HARD TO KILL!!  The active ingredient is called urushiol and it is present in all parts of the plant at all times, but stronger in the spring when the plant is first actively growing.  Apparently, we are all born with an immunity to it, but this immunity is broken down further each time we come in contact with it .  Some people will develop this sensitivity quite early on and others may take a while (I was 44 before I had my first reaction to it, even though I KNOW I had been “into it” long before that).  But once you’ve reacted… well, let’s just say you better do your best to stay away.

Anyways… Silent Doug has a great article on identification, prevention and treatment of the rash (once you come in contact with the plant).   Here is the link….  http://www.letterboxing.info/articles/00000005.php.