One More and Then…..

I have one more box that can quickly be ready to go.   I will get that stamp finished up this weekend.    Then I have a few more to go.  

You will notice I am missing #3 and #4.  I have both of these clues written and the locations chosen, but I’m just struggling with the stamps.  I have an image I want to use, but I just can’t seem to “get it right”.   I was thinking of purchasing a stamp making kit ( to turn the image into a stamp.  For some reason, this kit intrigues me for more complex stamps.   I will let you know if I ever make use of it and how it turns out.   If you are having trouble carving, this may be worth looking into.

Also, I am missing #14 and #15.  Again, I have the locations chosen, but haven’t worked on the images at all.  I think I’ll try to get those done next.  Maybe I can complete those before the summer goes completely crazy and I am “on hold”.  

You know…. it is a bit frustrating to not be able to box during the “peak season”.  My boxing exploits are really limited to spring and fall due to the long work hours at the residential children’s summer camp I run ~ from mid-June through the end of August.  So… when all the rest of you are out there boxing on your vacations, you can think of me.  (I will be living boxing vicariously by checking in on your blogs and on the group lists regularly).