Hockley Valley Hustle and Update

This weekend we were in Hockley Valley and I stopped by the Hitchhiker Chalet to see what I could find.   I did take images and stamp into all three books, but I didn’t remove any hitchhikers as the clue asked to always leave two in the box and I didn’t have any to exchange.   There are a couple there, if someone has a couple to move on!!   So.. I have some new stamps in my log book.

I also stopped in Orangeville at the Dragonfly Park letterbox, but I did not manage to find it.  I know I was in the right place (and I know it’s likely there as I found the geocache that is located near it), but I didn’t have much time and in spite of getting down on my hands and knees and looking around a fair bit, I just couldn’t come up with it.  (I’m sure I was within feet/inches of the thing, but my family was back in the truck waiting for me and I didn’t want to get too dirty as I was on a short break from a conference I was attending.)  Oh well….. maybe another time soon.

A discussion has happened on one of the AtlasQuest Forums (or maybe it was one of the yahoo groups ~ they kind of all blend together in my mind) regarding log books and how many we “should’ have.  Right now, I’m new enough (and sparse enough, I guess) that I’m doing everything in one book.  I found a really nice book at Chapters that I love. It is bound and looks like an old leather journal with a magnetic enclosure.   It has lines (I know everyone doesn’t like lines but these are really light and I do not feel that they ruin any images ~ at least not for me).   What I like about this is that I can stamp the image and then write legibly (because there are lines) beside the image where it was, etc., etc.  So, at this point, each image, both found and planted are in my logbook chronologically.  I’ve been doing this for over a year and I’m still nowhere near the half-way full mark, so for me this is working great.   Where we are here in Ontario with the distance I have to travel to find boxes, I don’t anticipate that this will fill fast.

When I opened this blog this morning, my platial map with letterbox markers had gone missing.  So I have temporarily deleted it until I can get it replaced with something that won’t eliminate itself every two weeks.   Hope this doesn’t throw anyone off too much.

Cheers and Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.