My Reluctant Family

I’m having a bit of trouble convincing my family to accompany me on these outings.  Twice this weekend (Sunday afternoon and again on Monday afternoon) I suggested we go planting and both times I was “vetoed”.   So, I’m debating whether I just need to do this on my own and not try to always drag them in.   I currently have three boxes ready to plant, but now the weather has turned rainish and the black flies have come out in full force.  (That ought to keep others at home for a couple of weeks anyways…)  This weekend we are going to a conference and I hope to pick up a couple of boxes on Sunday afternoon.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll have to leave them sit in the car and I’ll have to go by myself!!!   And here I thought this was something we could do together.  Oh well…. I’m not giving up!!!