Acme Mapper and Geocaches

I have been following a couple of message boards on Atlasquest and recently was reminded that I need to make sure that I’m not planting on top of geocaches ~ because it may result in muggles (ie. non-letterboxers) finding and not being careful with letterboxes or “trading” the stamps.   (If you don’t know what geocaching is and how it is different from letterboxing, visit to find out this information).   I have been very frustrated trying to download waypoints onto my GPS unit so that I can double-check each one to make sure I am not planting too close.  (My frustration with the GPS and downloading is one of the reasons that I’ve chosen letterboxing over geocaching ~ just one of the reasons mind.   I much prefer a creative stamp to trading a piece of “stuff”.)   Anyways….. tonight I discovered where I was able to “locate” the geocache points in the area I am planting (thanks to someone on the AtlasQuest board).  This map enabled me to make sure I am not planting letterboxes right on top of geocaches.   Check it out!  (I wonder if I could substitute the acme map for the one I currently have here? I’d have to go back to each of my letterboxes and download their coordinates on my GPS to be able to do this….. something to think about.