Four More Ready to Go

As of tonight, I have four more letterboxes ready to be planted between Owen Sound and Wiarton.  However, the weather is much cooler and it’s supposed to be rainy for the next several days, so don’t expect them to be there before next week some time.   But you can count on as soon as the weather is nice enough…….. we’ll be out there planting.

I’ve been reading some of your blogs (other letterboxers from AtlasQuest) and I am envious of those of you who live in a spot where there are many boxes to find.   We have to drive 3 or more hours just to find a couple and by the time we do that, my family is in NO mood to do a marathon letterbox search.  So we usually end up with just a couple and then we come home.  With the price of gas these days, we just aren’t doing it very often.

Anyways… once I have these four planted I will post the clues and add new pages to this letterblog.   That’s it for now.